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Coping with Down Days

As with all journeys, the path to enlightenment contains ups and downs. Sometimes the flow will bless us with extended periods of intense joy and wellbeing. Other times it will feel flat, stressful and emotionally challenging. It may not feel like it at the time, but the down days are just as much a blessing as the up days. In fact, it often the difficult and problematic periods that serve us in more ways than the joyous ones.

The joyous days are beautiful. They connect us fully with our world. They serve as confirmation that our chosen paths are continuing in the right direction. We have no stress or difficulties that cannot be overcome. We sit at the center of our bliss in full contentment. In contrast, the flat days seem to sever our internal connection. We feel lost from ourselves and our path. We may feel agitated and unable to settle. Our difficulties suddenly seem insurmountable. We start doubting ourselves and asking what went wrong.

The answer is that nothing went wrong. Your moment of difficulty has arrived just when you need it. The stark contrast between up/down, good/bad, yin/yang allows for deeper and constant questioning of ourselves. It prevents us from flying away on an unrealistic cloud of bliss. It grounds us. It is in our moments of self doubt that we can truly open up opportunity and propel ourselves forward. The flat times allow us to reconnect with a new perspective, to self reflect on the highs and lows of the past few days/weeks/months/years.

The temptation during periods of self doubt is to beat yourself up. Don’t. It is exactly these periods when your inner self needs gentleness, understanding and affection. The difficult periods gift you with the opportunity to learn and to self love when you need it the most. Give in to it and accept it fully.

Love yourself, hug yourself and nourish your soul. Tend to your sensitivities. Continue on your path with confidence. Know that the down days are serving you.

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Illustration credit: Molly Cules / Buddha Doodles

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