March 5, 2018 Wild Women Coaching

Loving From the Soul

Why do we strive to be loved? Is it to have someone acknowledge and appreciate us? Is it for validation? Is it because we need someone else to love us in order to love ourselves? Ask yourself this question and dig deep for the answer. If you cannot deeply know yourself, how can you expect to deeply know and connect with another? How can you expect deep, meaningful and loving connections without first fully knowing and nurturing your own inner being?

The expectation to be in a romantic relationship is so great that many of us stay in relationships that are broken, loveless and completely dysfunctional. Our standards are worn away and we accept undesirable behaviours. Some couples stay together just because they ARE together. But is this damaging to the soul? By accepting any situation that does not nurture our true self, are we damaging our essence as strong, independent and enlightened beings?

Yes. We are.

Most relationships in our society are ego based. They are built on superficial ideals of the presentation of love and not what love actually is. We hear tales of ‘soulmates’ but if you cannot access your own soul how can you expect someone else to? Deeply knowing and accepting yourself is the key. If you break down barriers and peel back layers of yourself, you will be rewarded beyond measure. To sit in the seat of your soul will change your life, and it will change the way that you love.

Love from the soul is free and liberating. There are no expectations or demands. There is no ego or false presentation. There are no limits. To be able to invite, and be invited, to touch the soul of another is the highest honour. Sharing your soul will transport you to new and unseen dimensions. New worlds will open up and invite you in. You will experience the very essence of creation. You may experience it for a moment, a week, a lifetime. You may experience it with one other or with many others. But when you do experience it, and you will, it will transcend everything that you know.

You will experience a purity of love without limits. You will experience the unity of souls dancing together. Each and every thought will radiate peace and joy. You will sit fully within the deep ecstasy of shared soulful bliss.

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Illustration credit: Molly Cules / Buddha Doodles

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