May 22, 2018 Wild Women Coaching

Searching For True Love? Really??

Have you ever found yourself at the start of a relationship thinking that it is true love? You feel warm and fuzzy, you are surrounded by a glow of contentment. The sky is bluer, the sun is brighter and life is suddenly full of excitement and potential. It feels great, right?

Now, lets fast forward a couple of months. Maybe you are not feeling so high; your new relationship isn’t panning out quite how you thought it would and your new partner isn’t matching up to expectations. And then what happens? The excitement is gone, the potential is gone and your self confidence has taken a hit. Sound familiar?

We have a habit of thinking that ‘true love’ is something from outside of us, that it is something we are given, something that we ‘receive’ from someone else. But is that correct? Is that profound state of love – when we feel so good inside of ourselves – really gifted to us by an outside entity?

When we are experiencing love, the change inside of ourselves can be phenomenal. We can experience changes so drastic that we almost don’t recognise ourselves; our self confidence increases, happy thoughts fill our day, we have an amazing sense of well-being and our energy levels hit the roof.

Sometimes the change within ourselves is so great that even friends and family comment on the difference.

The nature of our minds will always seek an explanation for change, and the change that comes with love is so overwhelming that it is only natural to conclude that the new partner is responsible.

But are they?

Does someone else really have the ability to change our internal thoughts, emotions and sensations so drastically? Can another person really tap into the deep core of ourselves and brighten our soul.

Did all those ex-partners really have the grace to endow you with such a beautiful sense of self? Did they really have the power to gift you with all those amazing sensations?

Or, in reality, is it more likely that those were all amazing, incredible and untapped aspects of your personality that already existed within yourself?

Isn’t it more likely that an amazing state of being already existed inside of you and all that happened was that you subconsciously accessed it? And if you accessed it in the the throws of romance, in the presence of someone else, what is stopping you from accessing it now?

Every time you feel the blissful state of love it comes from you. No one can ‘give’ a feeling. The beauty that you feel comes from deep within yourself. It is you yourself that gifts love.

If you are searching for love, if you are holding out for a true, deep and meaningful connection, know that the best place to find it is inside yourself. Gift yourself with the love you seek. You already have it sitting inside of you. All you have to do is access it and release it. And when you do, the love you seek will no longer be elusive, it will sit strong at the core of your being. For always.

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Illustration credit: Molly Cules / Buddha Doodles

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