March 12, 2018 Wild Women Coaching

Stepping Into Your Power

Being in your power is about ownership. It’s about owning your thoughts and decisions. It’s about communicating directly and clearly. It’s about owning your needs, values and intentions. It’s about staying true to yourself and your path. It’s about being you without influence. If others react to you in ways that are in conflict with your inner being then step into your power, own your reaction and take ownership of your emotional state.

Learn how to stay connected with your innermost thoughts and feelings. Stand firm. Know yourself. Stay aware and true in every circumstance. Make a choice not to be sucked into undesirable situations and relationships. Do not allow yourself to dissipate and do not allow others to dilute you. Do not give yourself, or your power, away.

Let others own their issues and you own yours. Own fully your moods and emotions. If someone does not give you the reaction you hoped for then let it go. If a situation does not pan out in the way you wanted it to then let it go. Anything that does not serve you, let it go. Allow yourself to ebb and flow. Change direction and move when you need to. Take the direction that feels right for you; without influence, without pressure and without conforming to the influence and expectations of others.

Own yourself. Own your direction. Step into your power. Take it. Use it. Use all the signs within and around you to know when to change, when to sit still and when to continue. You yourself are your light. You yourself are your inspiration. You yourself are your power.

You are fearless, unbreakable and beyond doubt. Stand strong in your power and illuminate your path with confidence, elegance and grace.

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Illustration credit: Molly Cules / Buddha Doodles

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