February 15, 2018 Wild Women Coaching

Weathering the Difficult Times

My journey has taken many twists and turns. Sometimes it feels as though time is gently creeping by without significance, and other times something big happens that completely floors me. I remind myself that this is the flow, and I choose to be in it completely. When difficulties occur I don’t chase; I surrender. I let go. I trust in the journey and I trust in myself. I trust that the storms are temporary, as are the bright sunny days. Life is a flow, it ebbs up and down. It gifts us with pleasure and pain.

Keeping an awareness of one’s self, and of the temporary nature of all things, helps us to navigate the storms and the heatwaves. It provides a realistic perspective. It removes the drama. It maintains balance. We are not the emotions we feel, nor are we helpless victims of our circumstance. It is our actions and reactions that shape our world, not the events themselves.

If we keep awareness, no matter how difficult the situation, we maintain a view from deep within ourselves; a view without bias, societal-filters, family hang-ups, past conditioning or destructive behaviours. Having the ability to sit deep within our self allows us to bypass all external expectations of how we ‘should’ react and instead maintains access to our true feelings; without drama, without prejudice and without elevated levels of skewed perspective.

Awareness gives us the gift of acting and reacting from our soul – and when we act from deep within our soul there is no ‘wrong’ decision, no ‘wrong’ solution. Acting from deep within keeps us in the flow, keeps us moving effortlessly, and allows our life to unfold in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.

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Illustration credit: Molly Cules / Buddha Doodles

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