June 29, 2018 Wild Women Coaching

Your Purpose Is You, It’s Enough.

Many of us embark on a spiritual path because we are seeking purpose. Maybe we have a sense that there is something out there waiting for us and that when we find it, it will fit perfectly. But sometimes, with all that searching, we miss the true purpose that is sitting deep within all of us. You, your very self, are your purpose. You, with all of your quirks and nuances, with all of your hang-ups and failures, with all of your broken pieces and soft heart, you are the purpose that you are seeking.

Every moment of your existence is special and unique. Every day, every hour, every second you are changing. Your cells are in constant flux; old ones die and new ones are formed. Your thoughts and emotions are constantly influenced by your experiences. Your neural networks grow and change. The state of your being will never exist in quite the same way again.

You are wonderful and unique. You shine and sparkle. You are an amazing array of complexities and astounding peculiarities. You carry a soul of great depth and awe. Your purpose is to know and nurture the awesomeness and uniqueness of yourself. Your purpose is to find your power and step into it. And as you grow, each situation, each meeting, each moment of love and each moment of pain will teach you more.

With full awareness you will fall into the compassion of your heart. You will attract others who reflect aspects of yourself. Learn from the experience. Recognise their pain as your pain. Recognise their joy as your joy. Guide yourself. Follow your instincts. Fully immerse yourself in the flow. Accept all and surrender all. Feel the love and feel the pain.

Know that at every moment of your existence you are exactly where you need to be. You are experiencing exactly what you need to be experiencing. You are your purpose. You are enough.

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Illustration credit: Molly Cules / Buddha Doodles

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